1st & 2nd Grade

    • Dinosaur Hunt
      David Catrow

      Max Spaniel searches for dinosaurs in his back yard.

    • Penny and Her Marble
      Kevin Henkes

      Penny feels guilty after taking a beautiful blue marble that she sees in Mrs. Goodwin's grass, but gets a pleasant surprise when she goes to return it the next day.

    • Captain Awesome Series
      Stan Kirby

      When second-grader Eugene and his family move to a new neighborhood and he starts at a new school, he has a chance to bring out his superhero alter ego, Captain Awesome, to find the kidnapped class hamster.

    • Kung Pow Chicken Series
      Cyndi Marko

      Gordon Blue and his brother Benny, unlikely superheroes, must save Fowladelphia from Granny Goosebumps, who has filled the city with cookies that cause an innocent chicken's feathers to fall off.

    • Lulu and the Dog From the Sea
      Hilary McKay

      Seven-year-old Lulu and her cousin think their vacation house is the most perfect place ever until they find a trouble-prone, stray dog living on the beach.

    • Tales for Very Picky Eaters
      Josh Schneider

      A father tells outlandish stories while trying to get his young son, who is a very picky eater, to eat foods he thinks he will not like.

    • Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs
      Mo Willems

      When three hungry dinosaurs lay a trap hoping to catch something to eat,Goldilocks who never listens to warnings, walks into their house and springs the trap.