Frank Lloyd Wright—Or Was He Wrong?

Jun 10
Saturday 2:00 pm
Humanities Iowa speaker Roy Behrens will enlighten you on the history of Frank Lloyd Wright. There is a story (true or not) that Frank Lloyd Wright once testified in court that he was the world’s greatest living architect. “I had no choice,” he later explained, “I was under oath.” Find out more about this controversial architect. Space is limited: Preregister at or call 515-283-4152 press 3.

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention

Jul 24
Monday 11:00 am
Join us for a Tai Chi class with instructor Jan Bennett. This class will specialize in arthritis and falls prevention, and can be done standing or seated. The program is beginner friendly and requires no experience with Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is a holistic form of exercise that promotes flowing movements and mind/body harmony. Tai Chi is sometimes called a "moving meditation." As participants concentrate on doing the movements they often forget about their normal, everyday concerns. Tai Chi is a slower paced, non-contact martial arts movements.

Iowa's Most Haunted Locations

Jun 27
Tuesday 6:30 pm
Join special guest Chad Lewis for a ghostly journey to some of the most haunted places in Iowa. It covers the entire state from phantom creatures prowling the woods to graveyard apparitions located in your own backyard. Complete with photos, case history, eyewitness accounts, ghost lore, and directions, this unique presentation encourages you to visit these places for your own ghost story.


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