Telemedicine in Iowa: Improving Health Care Delivery

Dec 7
Sunday 2:00 pm
Dr. Patrick D. Brophy is the UI director of pediatric nephrology, dialysis, and transplantation, as well as the assistant vice president for the university’s eHealth & Innovation Center. Join Brophy as he discusses the center’s developing telemedicine program, which will deliver diverse health care options to rural Iowa. Its benefits include reduced costs and travel, increased access to specialties and follow-up care at the local level, and more engagement with personal health care decisions.

Conversations & Coffee

Mar 17
Tuesday 12:30 pm
English learning adults and community members wishing to share their local knowledge are invited to come together for English conversation and light refreshments. This program is open to all levels of English speakers and activities will be provided to prompt and encourage conversation. For additional information please contact Ashley Molzen at


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