Middle School

The Monarch Butterfly Migration

Joel Van Roekel, Supervisor of Environmental Education, Des Moines Parks and Recreation, will examine the life of the Monarch butterfly, explaining how it survives in this increasingly hostile world. He will discuss some efforts that are being made to help the Monarch, including things that you can do to help out the Monarch, as well as other pollinators. Circumstances permitting, he will bring some live Monarchs on site that will be tagged and released to continue their incredible journey.

Artsy Kids Super Special--Architecture for Kids

Architect Mel Shivvers will teach everyone about architecture and how to design with geometric shapes. Attendees will get to design and build their own project in this creative, problem-solving workshop. This program is for kids going into grades 3-8 and requires preregistration. Thank you to the Friends of the Franklin Avenue Library for sponsoring this event.


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