July 2013

Then and now

henry house

Byron Henry must have been feeling quite prosperous in 1918 when he moved from 1234 9th Street to 4995 Country Club Boulevard, which at that time was one of only a handful of houses in the area. He had joined Phillip Schmitt’s furniture company in 1890, and in 1903 the business moved into their new factory on Southwest 8th and Elm. It grew rapidly to eventually include not only the already successful mattress factory, but upholstering and woodworking shops, shipping and warehouse space and retail furniture sales. In 1942, it became a manufacturer of Sealy mattresses.

Baseball Movies That Hit a Home Run

The Sandlot

As a kid, my summers were filled with baseball. Sure, there were afternoons at the pool and bike rides with friends, but the majority of my activities were tied to the big green field with the dirt diamond in the corner. For instance, I attended one to three Little League practices and played in two games most weeks of the season. Another two or three nights a week, I watched my friends and/or rivals play their games.