Read Women 2014

Read Women 2014 by Joanna Walsh

Have you heard? 2014 is the Year of Reading Women. Information released last year from VIDA, an organization dedicated to women in literary arts, highlighted the disparity between how male and female authors and book reviewers are treated. For example, in 2012 at The New York Times Review of Books, only 22 percent of the books reviewed were by female authors, and 16 percent of the reviewers were women (The Guardian, 2014).

Comfort Reading

Cover image of "Something Borrowed" by Emily Giffin

We all — well, most of us — have a go-to comfort food. Mine is macaroni and cheese. But what about comfort reading? For me, comfort reading is being able to sit down with a particular book that makes me feel good.

Adult Winter Reading Program

Adult Winter Reading Program poster

For book lovers, there’s not much better than curling up with a good book, blanket and a cup of tea on a cold winter night or day. And because the winter can sometimes seem like it will never end, the Des Moines Public Library is going to celebrate staying in with a Winter Reading Challenge! It’s really easy — all you need to do is read a book and then tell us about it.  After you’ve finished your book, go online to and submit a review.


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