It's OK to Like Gilligan's Island (and Other Gimmicky Sixties Sitcoms)

Here is the DVD cover for season one of Gilligan's Island.

The decade of the sixties was a golden age for sitcoms. There were plenty of standard, family-oriented comedies, but many of the most popular were those with a gimmick. From Gilligan's Island to Hogan's Heroes to The Beverly Hillbillies, here's a look at a few notable titles.

Jane Austen on Screen

A drawing of Jane Austen.

Jane Austen wrote just six novels during her relatively short lifetime. Dating back to 1938, when the BBC aired a 55-minute version of Pride and Prejudice, there have been over fifty Austen-related productions for the big and small screens. The Des Moines Public Library owns over two dozen of these productions.


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