Customer Behavior Policy

All persons have free access to the Des Moines Public Library (DMPL), its facilities and services during its regular business hours.

Persons using library services must act so as not to interfere with others’ enjoyment and use of library services. Any person who fails to comply with the following rules and regulations of the Des Moines Public Library may lose loan privileges and/or be removed from any DMPL facility. Nothing in these regulations shall be deemed to preclude other civil or criminal action as applicable.

Section 392.5 of the Code of Iowa and Subsection 2-337(8) of the Des Moines Municipal Code delegates to the Library Board of Trustees of the Des Moines Public Library the right to establish the following rules and regulations of conduct for public use of the library and to prohibit certain kinds of conduct within the library.

These rules and regulations shall apply to all persons in their use of library facilities.

No person shall:

  1. Interfere with another person’s enjoyment of library services and facilities.
  2. Speak, shout, or raise one’s voice so as to cause a disturbance to other persons in the facility.
  3. Fail to use headphones with devices that emit noise. Electronic devices which assist persons with disabilities are expressly excepted from this rule.
  4. Consume food or beverages on library premises except drinks in covered cups or as expressly authorized by the director of the DMPL. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited except as authorized at catered events.
  5. Remove library materials, or hide library materials with intent to remove such materials, without properly charging out or borrowing such material.
  6. Fail to wear appropriate attire.
  7. Sleep on library premises or deposit bed rolls or bedding on library property.
  8. Bring luggage, bedrolls, or large bags into the library.
  9. Use restrooms for bathing or other personal grooming.
  10. Operate, push, or ride wheeled devices within library facilities. The use of baby strollers, carts provided by the library, equipment required by persons with disabilities, and equipment used by library personnel is permitted.
  11. Deposit litter anywhere other than in garbage receptacles provided.
  12. Bring in, carry in, or allow an animal or pet inside the library except those animals which assist persons with disabilities.
  13. Spit on any person or library furniture, floors, or materials.
  14. Post, distribute, or circulate any handbill, circular, card, booklet, placard in the library or within fifty feet of the library entrance without the permission of the library director or his or her designee.
  15. Allow any child under ten years of age, for whom the person is responsible, to be unsupervised in the library.
  16. Skateboard anywhere on library and park property.
  17. Bring weapons, firearms, or explosive devices into the library.
  18. Use tobacco or tobacco based products.

Approved by the Des Moines Public Library Board of Trustees

September 24, 2002
Revised July 18, 2006
Revised March 23, 2010
Revised February 21, 2012
Revised February 18, 2014