Thank You! We Love Our Donors!

Without the support of community contributors, the DMPL Foundation would not be able to add value to your library experience by enhancing the Library services, collection and programs. Please help us thank the following donors.

Struck Gift Enhances Sound Quality

The generosity of donors Mike and Dr. Lynn Struck made it possible to improve the sound quality in a meeting room at the Central Library. Their $10,000 contribution will make a difference for the thousands of people attending events each year, especially AViD (Authors Visiting in Des Moines) author appearances.

Mike Struck is the author of three books, and a soon to be released fourth, The Guardian Hope. He is president of MAS-Link and Connectivity vice president, for IP Pathways. Dr. Lynn Struck is a neurologist affiliated with Unity Point Health Clinics.

2017 AViD (Authors Visiting in Des Moines) Is Made Possible With Gifts From These Amazing Donors

Since the start of AViD in 2001, donor support has brought 126 authors to Des Moines for the enjoyment and education of citizens of all ages from throughout Iowa. The free author presentations have been attended by 43,987 people. AViD brings authors with national and international reputations to Des Moines each year to speak about their writing.

AViD sponsor logos

Kelly & Brad Edmister
Denise & Alan Holck
Shirley Foster
Mary K. and Daniel M. Kelly Family Foundation
Karen Shaff & Steven Jayne
Pamela Bass-Bookey & Harry Bookey
Jan Kaiser
Mary M. Riche
Judy Blank
Mary Kay Shanley and Dennis Rhodes
Dianne and David Swieskowski
Barbara & Jon Yankey
HD Art Club

We Are Grateful for Three New 2017 Summer Reading & School Readiness Sponsors

We thank Kum & Go, The Green Foundation, and the O’Halloran Family Foundation for joining our group of sponsors for the 2017 Summer Reading & School Readiness Program. These new contributors help to make it possible for the Library to offer this popular and important program serving over 18,000 area children, teens, and their families.

In 2017, the program will expand from six weeks to ten weeks in the summer with the objectives of improving literacy skills, bolstering kid’s enthusiasm for school, preventing loss of learning during the summer, and offering hundreds of free activities. The School Readiness portion of the program offers services and activities from August through December to help students have a strong beginning to the school year and be more knowledgeable about using the library's free resources to stay in and succeed in school.

With the growth from six to ten weeks in the summer, and from occurring in just the summer to activities from May through December, the cost has increased from $40,000 to $55,000. If you are interested in supporting this program and helping to improve young lives, please contact Dory Briles at 515-248-6402 or

Thank You to the Polk County Board of Supervisors

polk county logo

The Polk County Board of Supervisors awarded a $50,000 Community Development Grant to the Library Foundation for the Technology Fund Campaign. This generous grant brings the Library Foundation closer to the goal of $500,000 for the purchase of new computers and technology for adults and children accessing the public computers at all Library locations.

Dawn Taylor, Library Foundation Development Committee co-chair, said: “The Polk County Board of Supervisors’ grant makes it possible for members of our community without computers or internet in their homes to complete homework, access the library web resources for advice on preparing for an interview, writing a resume’, and studying English and 79 other languages. There are thousands of library computer users applying for jobs online, researching health topics, and staying connected to friends and family.”

If you would like to contribute to the Technology Fund Campaign, please contact Dory Briles at 515-248-6402 or

Humanities Iowa and the National Endowment for the Humanities

National Endowment for the Humanities and Humanties Iowa logosOn October 31, 2016, Foundation Executive Director, Dory Briles, announced a $5,000 Humanities Iowa major grant for the 2017 AViD (Authors Visiting in Des Moines) program: “We are very grateful for the continued support of AViD by the Board of Directors of Humanities Iowa, the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. The Des Moines Public Library has built its reputation as a state-wide leader in cultural programming through the annual AViD program. Since 2001, the AViD program has brought 120 authors to Iowa to expose Iowans from throughout the state to a wide variety of literary genres and a wide range of authors of diverse backgrounds. This popular series would not be possible without donor support, especially Humanities Iowa.”

2016 Friend of Literacy – Meredith Corporation


Meredith Corporation was honored as the 2016 Friend of Literacy at Book Ball 150. Meredith has generously supported literacy, education, cultural, and recreational opportunities for thousands of people using the Des Moines Public Library.

Meredith Chairman and CEO, Steve Lacy, said upon receiving the award: “We are so proud to be a major supporter of this organization. Whether it’s a gift to your capital campaign, operating support, event sponsorships, employee volunteerism, or special projects, we are happy to contribute because of the importance of the library and its programs as a resource to our community.”

Wells Fargo

wells fargo logo

Wells Fargo approved a grant for $12,500 to fund two very popular and important Des Moines Public Library programs: The Summer Reading & School Readiness program and the AViD (Authors Visiting in Des Moines) author series. Summer Reading & School Readiness improves literacy skills year round for 10,000 area children, teens, and their families. AViD, now in its 16th year, brings a wide variety of authors to our community for informative, thought-provoking, and entertaining events.

Tim Hickman, Development Committee Co-Chair for the Des Moines Public Library Foundation, said, “Private donations and grants are greatly needed, as tax dollars do not support the total costs of these programs. Wells Fargo’s generosity to the Library Foundation, ensures the Library is a vital and essential public resource improving lives every day.”

New Summer Reading & School Readiness Sponsor – BWA Foundation

We are grateful to the BWA Foundation for their grant of $2,500 to support the 2016 Summer Reading and School Readiness program through the purchase of books for children and teens.

The BWA Foundation is an organization of women dedicated to helping women and children lead healthy, fulfilling and productive lives. Their grants are intended to improve the education, health, and well being of women and children in the Des Moines area, and to support programs that enrich their lives.

Thank you to the BWA Foundation for enriching the lives of hundreds, and even thousands of children, teens, and their families.


lamar logo
Lamar Advertising contributed billboard space at 63rd Street and Grand Avenue to help us recognize the 150th Anniversary of the Des Moines Public Library – Committed to Our Community. Lamar Advertising also made space available on their digital signs throughout the metro.

Thank You to Our Donors

The following donations were received by the Des Moines Public Library Foundation from October 16, 2016 through January 15, 2017. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Please contact us, and we will make corrections.

In Honor of

Briles Christenson
Dory Briles

Jim Christenson
Dory Briles

Lily Christenson
Dory Briles

Deidre Fudge
Nationwide Insurance Foundation

Tim Hickman
Melanie Parks & Michael Hopson

Jan Kaiser
Mary Kay Shanley & Dennis Rhodes

Leanne & Bob Kennard
Mary Ward & Jim Walrath

Mary Ann Koch
William Krieg

William Krieg
Patricia McKee & Jon Krieg

Cheryl Marsh
Dr. Linda Railsback

Judy McCoy Davis
Susan Voss

Lorraine Metcalf
Pam & Metz Metcalf

Isobel Osius
Marianne Gideon

Carla Rawson
Christopher Knox

Rachel Stauffer
Polly Moore
Morgan Stanley Foundation

Susan Voss
Jann Freed & John Fisher

In Memory of

Marian Agnew
James Agnew

Evelyn Adams Benson
Benson Family Foundation

Leah C. Blair
Linda Blair

Bill Freimuth
Bonnie Love & Wayne Bowman

Andrea Hauer
Cynthia Bowen Kevin Riesberg

Kevin Hayter
Karen Baker
Vivian Bannon
Brooke Bielema
Cat Bierling
Dory Briles
Tina Brooks
Deborah Cox
DMPL Staff Association
Sandy Deyoe
Stephanie Fruhling
Carolyn Greufe
Greg Heid
Jon Hobbs
Kathy Howard
Tania Kac
Chris Knox
Sarah Lane
Cathy Newton
Richard Nordin
Shari Olson
Dora Pimentel
Carla Rawson
Linda Roe
Kris Sheaffer
Shirley & Burke Shiffler
Carla Tibboel
Laura Walth
Sue Woody
Dawn Work-MaKinne
Kate Young

Rhonda Wysong Helt

Nancy Kengla Jones
Barbara & Doug Hein
Marilyn Jones
“The Margarita Mamas” – Linda Balogh, Mary Gore, & Judy Kaufman
Christy & Eugene McCoy
Kathleen Murphy
Joyce & John Perkins
Bev & Lew Perlson
Susan & Bob Van Orsdel
Sophie & Tom Vlassis

Louise La Croix
Frederick Adams

Jane LaMair
Robert Burnett
Mark Clark
Judy McCoy Davis
Marsha & Tim Eischeid
Paula & Terry Friedman
Terry & Jim Hammer
John Heitzman
Dixie & Will Hoekman
Susan & Ted Hutchison
Independent Insurance Services
Leona Jenson
Barbara & Henry Kinney
Ann Lehmann
Tracy Levine
Connie Osborne
Jackie & Lindell Petersen
Martha Reno
Nelda Sampel
Lori & Roger Schemmel, Jr.
Barbara & Mark Scholz
Susan & John Thatcher
Eric Turner
Janel & Kirk Tyler
Wakonda Club
Mary & Eugene Weber

Cynthia Mitchell
Lynn Jones
Tracy Levine

Ron Nielsen
Judy McCoy Davis

Nancy Rathert
The Amos Family
Kimberly DiMaria
Gloria Hoffman
Kathy & Bob MacPhail
Dana Matsukawa
Carol Pugsley
Helen & Gary Thull
Pam Wellman & family
Julie Williams

Joy Rohm
Marie & Rob Hueston

Dick Sampel
Nelda Sampel

Jan Squires
Iowa Antique Association

Lauren Smith
Laura DeLong

Diane Stone
Laurie & Steve Gust
Sydney Margul

Virginia Ann Thompson
Patience Kramer

Paul Tursi
Darlene Tursi

Dorothy Wade
Donald Wade

Ron Wilson
Marty & Stan Hogan
Cindy Wilson
Mary Wilson

Leona Wirt
Judy McCoy Davis


Up to $99
Julianne Allaway
Mary K. Anderson
Richard Atterbury
Delores & Wayne Bauman
Beaverdale Books
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Barbara & Bruce Bergman
Sydney Blanchard
Ellen & John Burnquist
Delta Dental of Iowa
Paula & Randy Duncan
Sue & Herman Givant
Susan & David Grant
Judith Guinn
Carrie & Dr. Joe Hall
Karen Hanley
Robert Hornbrook
Carol & Norman Hulscher
Geri Jacobs
Douglas Jensen
Robert Jewett
Loren Kane
Risa Karras
Raymond Keables
Frederic La Croix
Margaret McGill
Gail McKean
Nancy Morgan
Paul Morrison
Kathleen Murrin
James Peterson
David Rowley
Donna & Hal Rusk
Mary Kay Shanley
Beth & William Shields
Kay Smith
Rosa Snyder
Patricia Stohlmann
Nancy G. Thompson
Benjamin VanVleet
Shirley Van Zante

$100 - $249
Robin Ahnen-Cacciatore & John Cacciatore
Nancy & Richard Amend
Diana & Gary Babberl
Sally & Dennis Bates
Margaret & Arden Borgen
Karen & William Claypool
Marjorie Connors
Sandra & Ray Crabtree
Carol & Peter Curnes
Teresa & Johnny Danos
John Domini
Kathy & Fred Eastman
Janet Figg
Allison & Jim Fleming
Susan & Ricci Frambach
Corrine & Greg Ganske
John Gersib
Mary Susan & Richard Gibson
Isaac Gottesman
Marcene & Carl Grant
Carolyn Greufe
Jason Grinstead
Tina & John Hade
HD Art Club
Stacey Henderson
Chris & Steve Hensley
Christine Hines
Lorna & Steve Holland
Ann Lehmann
Theresa & Doug Lewis
Michael Lipsman
Joyce Lutz
JoBeth Malone-Schoneberg
Tina Manbeck & Frank Cownie
Lynn & Paul Mankins
Joan Middleton
Esther & Stanley Miller
Karen Miller & Bill Brausch
Joan & Bill Nassif
Celia & John Nelson
Barb & Andy Nish
Jane & Steve Noah
Cindy O’Connell
Jo Oldson & Brice Oakley
Patsy & Leon Pearce
Sally Pederson & James Autry
Mary & Brian Porter
Julia Sarcone-Roach
Joseph Schneider
Melanie & Rick Scupham
Kimberly & Craig Shadur
Mark Siebert
Carol Slegh
Susan & Frank Stork
Deb Tharnish & Nick Roby
Bonnie Thorn
Alice Van Lew
Lisa Ann Veach
Molly & Bob Veenstra
Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Versackas
Wellmark Employees
Martha Willits
Amy & Tom Worthen
Barbara & Jon Yankey

$250 - $499
Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (Benevity)
Christine Bening
Marlene & Robert Buckley
Linda & Jerry Crawford
Brenda Jensen
Norbert Kaut
Craig Kelinson
Pamela & Michael Kulik
Tracy Lewis
Edward Loeb
Barbara & Dick Lyford
Mary Louise & Gerard Neugent
Bill Noth
Isobel Osius
Shirley Shisler
James Spevak
Dianne & David Swieskowski
Sally Titus
Wells Fargo Employees

$500 - $999
Grace Ambrose
Pamela Bass-Bookey & Harry Bookey
Judy Blank
David L. Brown
Charlene Cobb
Barb & Bob Drustrup
Martha & James Fifield
Dixie & Will Hoekman
Susie & Dr. Josh Kimelman
Susan Low
Meredith Corporation Foundation
The Pillsbury Foundation
Principal Employees/Truist
Martha Reno
Mary Riche
State of Iowa Employees
Leann Treloar & Scott Galenbeck

$1,000 - $9,999
American Enterprise Group Charitable Fund
City of Des Moines Employees
Cole-Belin Education Foundation
Katherine & Herbert Eckhouse
Shirley Foster
Ann & John Ghrist
Tim Hickman & Frank Vaia
Denise & Alan Holck
Debbie & Mike Hubbell
Harriet “Rusty” Hubbell
Humanities Iowa
Lori & Sam Kalainov
Virginia & Nixon Lauridsen
Barbara & Bruce Martin
Mary K. & Daniel M. Kelly Family Foundation
Meredith Corporation
Morgan Stanley Foundation
Cynthia O’Brien
O’Halloran Family Foundation
Anastasia Polydoran
The Ralph & Sylvia G. Green Charitable Foundation
Karen Shaff & Steve Jayne
Jean & William Stauffer Charitable Gift Fund
Rachel Stauffer & Jim Lawson
Mary Stuart & David Yepsen
United Way of Central Iowa
Deborah & Douglas West

$10,000 - $49,999
The Bright Foundation
Kenton M. Klein Revocable Trust


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