Special Event

Emerald Ash Borer

Jul 1
Tuesday 6:30 pm
An educational session concerning the emerald ash borer and its effects on our residents will be held at the Franklin Avenue Library. Municipal Arborist David Jahn will cover the following topics:
· How do I know if I own an ash tree?
· How will I know if I have an emerald ash borer (EAB) problem?
· What are my options (treatment or removal)?
· What are some good replacement species?

Type Rider II: The Tandem Poetry Tour

Jul 16
Wednesday 6:30 pm
Amy Tingle and Maya Stein are riding a tandem bicycle 1400 miles from Boulder, CO to Beloit, WI this July promoting literacy, creativity, and small-town community spirit. They'll be stopping in towns along their route each day to build approximately twenty-five new Little Free Libraries. This project honors Lutie Stearns, the original little free librarian, who retired in 1914 after building over 1400 "books in a box" to help towns without access to printed materials. The pair will also be writing free poetry on their vintage typewriters, give them 1 word and they'll write 2 poems on the spot!

Cancelled: Iowans in the Civil War

Apr 22
Tuesday 6:30 pm
Iowa Gold Star Military Museum staff, period dressed historians, and Civil War re-enactors and weapons experts will present a lively program about the causes of the Civil War and the historical context for Iowa units, including descriptive quotes from Iowa soldiers about their participation, experiences, and losses. Part of the Retro Iowa series. Meeting Rooms One and Two.


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