Loan Periods, Fees, Renewals, and Limits

I. Loan Periods

  • Books, all Audio Books, and Music CDs - Loan Period: 21 Days
  • Videos and DVDs- Loan Period: 7 Days
  • Home Book Delivery - Loan Period: 28 Days
  • Interlibrary Loan - Loan Period: 14 Days
  • Deposit Sites - Loan Period: 60 Days

No items are due on Sunday, and no fines are charged for Sundays. Book Returns are open twenty-four hours, seven days per week. Materials returned by 8:00 a.m. will be considered returned on the last day open.

II. Fees

  • Videocassettes and DVDs: $2.00
  • Audio books (excluding children’s, teen, and language instruction) $1.00
  • Inter-library loan: $3.00

III. Renewal of Materials

Items which are not on hold may be renewed a maximum of two times. Items may be renewed at the request of the borrower who does not need to bring the items back to the library. After the renewal limit is reached, materials should be returned so that other library customers may have the opportunity to find them on the shelf. The renewal limit may not be extended by transferring materials to the card of another family member or by checking in and immediately checking out again.

Items may be renewed by telephone (283-4000) or on the online catalog two times if there are no holds on them. A second fee will be charged for a videotapes or DVD renewal. Interlibrary loan books may be renewed if permission is granted from the lending library. Bestseller Express titles may not be renewed.

IV. Limits on Items Charged To A Customer

  • General Customers both Resident and Nonresident: 50 Items total
  • Customers are limited to 50 holds.
  • Children under 12 must have a parent or guardian’s permission to borrow more than 5 items.
  • Temporary and Guest Customers two items (No equipment)
  • Temporary Institutional Residents (e.g. Orchard Place) 5 items.
  • Homebound Customers: 50 Items (No videos or DVDs)
  • Books by the box: 60 Items (No videos CDs, or DVDs)
  • Deposit Collections: 100 Items (No videos CDs, or DVDs)