Forest Avenue Library

Cowboys of the Americas with Calle Sur

Where did cowboys come from? What makes a cowboy a cowboy? What do cowboys do? What is America? What is Latin America? Where in the Americas do cowboys live and work? This program combines music, geography, and visuals to answer these questions. Participants will explore how cowboys and music-making intertwine in addition to learning about the relationship between Latin America and the U.S.A., and the commonalities between the diverse cultures of the Americas.
*The third in a three-part series about music and the Americas.

Kibungo, The Beast of The Brazilian Rainforest with Calle Sur

During this program, participants will learn about Kibungo, a legendary beast from the Brazilian rainforest who is outsmarted by all other animals when he tries to eat them. In a fable-like fashion, this folk tale teaches how the use of one's intelligence can overcome physical limitations. The activity combines simple instrument making, singing, dancing, and acting. This interactive, high-energy, instructive musical theater program is fun and the perfect vehicle for enhancing awareness of some of the causes of rainforest destruction.


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