Meeting Room Use

Des Moines Public Library Policy Regarding Use of Library Meeting Rooms and Reading Rooms Approved by the Library Board of Trustees  

January 17, 2006 
Revised November 18, 2008 
Revised November 17, 2009

  1. Any person, group or organization may make application for permission to use a library meeting room, under the conditions herein provided. Library programs and library related meetings and events take first priority over non-library bookings in the scheduling of meeting rooms.
  2. All meeting rooms are available for meetings or programs which are educational in nature or in the public interest, and which are appropriate to the facilities. In addition, the three meeting rooms in the Central Library meeting room wing are also available for private educational, cultural, intellectual, civic, charitable, professional, social and business events such as dinners, receptions, parties, or business meetings, but not including events with a commercial purpose to which the public is invited. Such rentals are available to persons at least 18 years of age, or at least 21 years of age for events at which alcohol will be served. Contests are not permitted. Events at which alcoholic beverages will be served or which are likely to involve noise, music or other activities which interfere with the library’s operation will be permitted only during hours that the library is not open to the public. Events at which alcohol will be served must also include food service. If the library director determines that security is needed, the cost of the security will be the responsibility of the meeting room user. 
  3. All meetings, except those held for private events in the Central Library meeting room wing, shall be open to the public and shall not be limited to the membership of the group or organization sponsoring the meeting.
  4. The library director may authorize the use of library meeting rooms for library fundraising activities or for the sale of books, goods, merchandise or services only when the library will share in the profit of such sales. Otherwise, meeting rooms are not to be used for the direct sale of merchandise, goods or services for profit, or for the promotion of any commercial or profit-making venture or business. Meeting rooms are not to be used for fundraising for the benefit of private individuals or for private support of organizations.
  5. The library will consider requests from any person, group or organization to sponsor meetings or other activities in the public interest, as determined by the library director. 
  6. Fees and hours for any use of library meeting rooms shall be established by the library director, subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees. Admission fees may not be charged for use of the meeting rooms. 
  7. Meeting rooms are available for single meetings or programs, but are not intended for use as a regular meeting place of a group or organization or for multiple day exhibitions or displays.
  8. Prior arrangements, including payment of a refundable damage deposit, are required if food or beverages are served. Light refreshments and simple coffee/tea or water service may be provided by the meeting room user. All other food and beverage service shall be provided only by the library’s designated caterer.