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Featured Author - H. Arlo Nimmo

H. Arlo Nimmo Harry Arlo Nimmo (, an American cultural anthropologist and short story writer, was born August 26, 1936 in the small farming community of Monroe, Iowa. He graduated from the University of Northern Iowa where he majored in English and was active in journalism, serving as managing editor of the college newspaper and editor of the yearbook. His growing interests in the Pacific and Southeast Asia led him to the University of Iowa to study anthropology in 1960. Nimmo has written twelve books and dozens of articles. Most of these publications are based on his Philippines research, but he has also written about American popular culture, San Francisco history and Hawaii’s volcano goddess Pele. H. Arlo Nimmo is currently Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at California State University East Bay and resides in San Francisco with his long-time partner Marc Scruggs.

  • Before Summer
    H. Arlo Nimmo

    Before Summer is a collection of sixteen interrelated short stories about a gay youth’s coming of age in small town Iowa during the 1940s and 1950s. The book is an affec¬tionate and sometimes sorrowful portrait of a bygone way of life in a small Iowa farming town and what it was like growing up gay in such a community. Each story explores Lach MacLennan’s youth as he realizes and comes to terms with his sexuality and the restrictions as well as the possibilities of his life.

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