Teen Stranger Things

    • Broken Things
      Lauren Oliver

      On the anniversary of their best friend Summer's death, a seemingly insignificant discovery resurrects the mystery and pulls Mia and Brynn back together once again. But as the lines begin to blur between past and present and fiction and reality, the girls must confront what really happened in the woods all those years ago--no matter how monstrous.

    • My Best Friend's Exorcism
      Grady Hendrix

      The year is 1988. Sophomores Abby and Gretchen have been best friends since fourth grade, but lately Gretchen has been acting bizarrely. When Abby discovers that Gretchen has a demon living inside her, it’s up to Abby to rescue her friend in this pulse-pounding supernatural thriller.

    • The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein
      Kiersten White

      The events of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein unfold from the perspective of Elizabeth Lavenza, who is adopted as a child by the Frankensteins as a companion for their volatile son Victor.

    • Paper Girls
      Brian K. Vaughan

      Supernatural mysteries and suburban drama collide in the early hours after the Halloween of 1988 for four twelve-year-old newspaper delivery girls.

    • The Sacrifice Box
      Martin J. Stewart

      Five friends discover an ancient stone box hidden deep in the woods. They seal inside of it treasured objects and they make a vow. Four years later, a series of strange and terrifying events begin to unfold. Someone broke the rules of the box, and now everyone has to pay.

    • Scream Site
      Justina Ireland

      Future investigative reporter Sabrina, fourteen, researches a popular website where people post horror videos, hoping to prove they are not as real as they seem until her sister, a big fan of the site, disappears.

    • Shadowshaper
      Daniel José Older

      When the murals painted on the walls of her Brooklyn neighborhood start to change and fade in front of her, Sierra Santiago realizes that something strange is going on--then she discovers her Puerto Rican family are shadowshapers and finds herself in a battle with an evil anthropologist for the lives of her family and friends.

    • Strange Grace
      Tessa Gratton

      Every seven years, the people of Three Graces send a sacrifice to the woods. The death of their 'best boy' ensures seven years free from disease, blight, and pain. But this year, the Slaughter Moon has risen early, and three, not one, will run into the forest as a sacrifice.

    • There's Someone Inside Your House
      Stephanie Perkins

      Makani recently moved in with her grandmother in Nebraska, and she's still adjusting to her new life. Then, one by one, the students of her small town high school begin to die. As the terror grows closer, Makani will be forced to confront her own dark secrets.

    • This Savage Song
      Victoria Schwab

      In this dark urban fantasy, a young woman and a young man must choose whether to become heroes or villains--and friends or enemies--with the future of their home at stake.

    • We are the Ants
      Shaun David Hutchinson

      Henry Denton has spent years being periodically abducted by aliens. Then the aliens give him an ultimatum: The world will end in 144 days, and all Henry has to do to stop it is push a big red button.Only he isn't sure he wants to.

    • What the Woods Keep
      Katya de Becerra

      Hayden and her best friend Del must confront the secrets of Hayden's past in a house that holds all the mysteries of her childhood--and might be the last protection against the dark powers in the surrounding woods.