100th Day of School

    • Henry's 100 Days of Kindergarten
      Nancy Carlson

      To celebrate the one hundredth day of kindergarten, each student brings in an example of 100 for show-and-tell, including a 100-year-old relative, and Ms. Bradley shares the jar of 100 jelly beans that have marked the days.

    • Counting Our Way to the 100th Day!
      Betsy Franco

      Join the counting fun!It takes just a poem a day to count down to the 100th day of school!Keep count with numbers.Keep count with stars.Keep count with beansin a big glass jar.Keep a long tallyand keep count with pins.Keep track of how manydays there've been.Keep count by ones.Keep count by tens.Keep count each dayand wait, wait, wait.In February --celebrate!

    • Emily's First 100 Days of School
      Rosemary Wells

      Starting with number one for the first day of school, Emily learns the numbers to one hundred in many different ways.