Fermenting 101

May 8
Tuesday 12:00 pm
Fermented foods can be an important part of a healthy diet, especially in regards to gut health. The probiotic bacteria that are produced through fermentation support the immune system, regulate appetite, and can help reduce cravings. Learn how to easily make your own fermented food, including sauerkraut, kombucha, and milk kefir, and improve your diet by consuming nutrient dense food loaded with probiotics.

Off the Map: Stories of Abandoned and Disappearing Towns Around Iowa

May 7
Monday 6:00 pm

Thousands of towns and communities were established during Iowa’s pioneer and railroad era. In some instances, they were small towns built around the time of the height of a coal industry that just could not thrive while others supplemented the needs of the countless farmers, and still others were established for very different reasons. Many existed for a few years, some slowly faded away over time, and a few never existed except as “paper” towns.

Why the Clutter? Digging Deeper

Jun 12
Tuesday 6:00 pm
Organized Housewife, LLC takes a comprehensive approach to the organization and management of home and family life. Organizing a home and managing the busy life of today’s family takes more than a desire for peace and order. Organized Housewife's founder, Jaime Price, specializes in creating organizational systems that allow your family to efficiently maintain order in your home, creating a restful and peaceful place to recharge and connect with the ones you love.

Women and the Land

Join Barb Hall and Kathryn Gamble Lozier as they talk about their new book, Women and the Land. The authors interviewed and photographed more than twenty-five women, who are working Iowa’s farmland today. Many of these women grew up on a farm, left the land to get an education, and left the state to follow their dreams. Only to realize their deepest passion to be the land, and returned to it. Now each of the women is caring and nurturing this land in her own unique and feminine way.


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