Watercolor Painting with the Des Moines Art Center

Oct 14
Saturday 10:00 am
Bring a friend or make a new one as you paint at this introduction to watercolor painting! An instructor from the Des Moines Art Center will present the basics of this beautiful and relaxing medium. The Art Center offers ongoing classes and this introduction is a fun, free way to see if you are interested in learning more!

Register if you wish to paint as supplies are limited. No previous experience is required. All supplies are provided.

Expert Visit: Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic of Iowa State University

Sep 27
Wednesday 6:30 pm
Got plant pests, strange insects, or a mysterious blight? The scientists at the Diagnostic Clinic can help!

Learn how the Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic provides diagnosis of plant problems (plant diseases, insect damage, and assessment of herbicide damage) and the identification of insects and weeds from the field, garden, and home.

Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Oct 3
Tuesday 6:00 pm
Pa Vang Goldbeck will share her experience of visiting Hiroshima, Japan for two weeks. She works with Mayor Cownie who is the lead North American representative for Mayors for Peace, an organization dedicated to a world peace and a nuclear-free world. The Mayors for Peace aim to educate the public about the dangers of nuclear-weapons as we remember the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Space is limited. Please preregister at 515-283-4152 press 3 or online at

Spicy Fall Flavors

Sep 12
Tuesday 6:00 pm

The local spice store, AllSpice Culinarium, will show us ways to warm up classic Fall dishes with Fall flavors and show how small changes can make big differences in your cooking. Demonstrations will include making a simple pumpkin soup with warm spices and finished with butternut squash seed oil and spicing up fall ice cream in several ways, with recipes to share.

Lewis and Clark in Iowa

Sep 11
Monday 6:30 pm

“Lewis and Clark in Iowa” begins with the story before the expedition: the sale of the Louisiana Purchase to the United States. Tracing the 1803 course from Elizabeth, Pennsylvania to St. Charles, Missouri, Donald Shurr discusses the background of the many “players” of the expedition including York, the engages, and Seaman. Moving up the Missouri River focus shifts to events occurring in Iowa such as the death of Sgt. Floyd. An accompanying PowerPoint presentation shows the keelboat and the pirogues with actual photos taken in St.


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