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September Is Library Card Sign-Up Month!

Take advantage of all your local public library has to offer – sign up for a library card today!

September is Library Card Sign-up Month! Each September, libraries nationwide join together to remind parents, caregivers, and students that signing up for a library card is the first step towards academic achievement and lifelong learning.

Libraries are among the most popular and appreciated public places in America. They are long-standing institutions that provide free literacy programs to young children, a wide variety of reading material, internet access, and so much more. A library card bestows parents with free access to a number of books for their children. This is vital, as the single most significant factor influencing a child’s early educational success is an introduction to books and being read to at home prior to beginning school.

New research indicates that reading books can actually increase your lifespan. According to a Yale University study published in Social and Science Medicine, people who read for 30 minutes a day lowered their risk of death by 12%. As a researcher on the study explained, “Books engage the reader's mind more—providing more cognitive benefit, and therefore increasing the lifespan.

A library card provides important access to information for every member of the community. For some, that includes finding books on specific topics, such as history, travel, or philosophy. For others, that means being connected to the internet. Public libraries are the number one point of online access for people without internet connections at home, school, or work. Libraries also help community members with job hunting skills, such as interviews, resumes, and cover letters, through free career assistance classes and workshops.

Signing up for a library card is easy – and best of all, it’s free! Head to your local Des Moines Public Library and sign up for a library card today!

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