September 2010

President in Des Moines Today

I can't really have local history and government documents blogs without writing about today's event. Right now, President Obama is meeting with 70 Des Moines residents in a Beaverdale backyard. I'm familiar with the house as I live across the street from it. And no, I'm not the person who called the police to investigate a suspicious person who turned out to be a member of the secret service (reported in the Register). I will say that under the circumstances I would have called, too.

Cedar County Cow War of 1931

On September 21, 1931, a battle ensued at the Jake Lenker farm in Cedar County, Iowa.   On this day, over 60 law enforcement officials and two veterinarians encountered 400+ farmers  carrying wood planks, rocks, pipes, and other items attempting to suppress tuberculosis (TB) testing of their cattle.  The farmers attacked law enforcement and their vehicles.