March 2012

Hot times at Beaver Tap

The next time you visit Beaver Tap, at the corner of Beaver and Urbandale, look at the outside north wall and you’ll see the outlines of doors and windows that have since been bricked over. As you’re standing there, imagine a fire truck roaring from that vestigial garage doorway, rushing to extinguish a fire somewhere in the Beaverdale neighborhood.  Due in part to the demands of PTA mothers from Riley and Rice elementary schools concerned for their families’ safety, Station No. 17 was added to the Des Moines Fire Department at that location in the fall of 1928.

Historical Reminiscences of the City of Des Moines, 1857

Newly digitized! Historical Reminiscences of the City of Des Moines, Together with a Full Description of the City and the County, H. B. Turrill, 1857. Update: Well, it looks like is either having problems or changing their format. Here is a link directly to the "Read Online" version of Historical Reminiscences. Enjoy.