June 2013

From Madonna to Rihanna: The Rise of Females in Music


I like lists. I like to read lists and make lists. I like all kinds of lists – well, except perhaps for “honey do” lists, I’m not quite so fond of those. In general, though, show me a list and I feel compelled to read it. One of the best list makers ever is Billboard, the music business magazine that compiles charts for various genres in numerous international locales. Billboard has been publishing music charts since the 1930s (its corporate history actually dates to the 1890s) and has long been recognized as the definitive source for data on the popularity of singles and albums.

Marvel Is Marvelous. Will The Man of Steel Be Super?

Iron Man

I admit it, I was never a comic book kid growing up (nor am I a graphic novel guy now). I did, however, watch Adventures of Superman, the hokey 1950s TV series starring George Reeves as The Man of Steel, and Batman, the campy 1960s TV show with Adam West as The Caped Crusader. I even remember seeing random episodes of Spider-Man and Fantastic 4, two late-sixties Saturday morning cartoons. The production values for all of those shows were marginal, at best, but they were products of  their less technologically savvy times.

When Des Moines was in Keokuk County...

Iowa Counties

 Iowa Territory - December 28, 1837 The Newberry Library Were your ancestors so amazing that they lived in two different states in the same house? Probably not, it’s more likely the culprit of changing land boundaries.

Between 1836 and 1855 most all 99 Iowa counties were officially formed. Many of these county boundaries changed during that time. If your ancestors were some of the first to the area, their records may be in more counties than you think. In 1836, Dubuque County made up two-thirds of the state and included what would ultimately become Polk County.