April 2014

Sherman Block - Historic Tour #8

F.M. Hubbell

On the northeast corner of 3rd and Court was the Sherman Block, built in 1855 by Hoyt Sherman.  B.F. Allen was a banker here and it was also the first home of Equitable of Iowa. Equitable was founded by F.M. Hubbell who arrived in Des Moines on May 7, 1855, with $3 in his pocket.  His father demanded he give the money back to him so he could buy land in Dallas County. Young Hubbell walked the streets until he found a job as a clerk in the land office with Phineas Casady.

Pulitzer Prize Winners Announced

Cover of "The Goldfinch" by Donna Tartt

Winners of the Pulitzer Prize, the most prestigious award for journalism and arts in the U.S., were announced today. Named for newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer, the awards began in 1917 and are announced every April. Winners of 21 awards are chosen by the Pulitzer Prize board and announced by the President of Columbia University. Winners of 20 of the categories receive $10,000 and a certificate.