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Cover image of "Attachments" by Rainbow Rowell

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Beth and Jennifer, coworkers at an Omaha newspaper, know that their office email is being monitored. But that doesn't stop them from messaging each other regularly about personal issues and gossiping about their coworkers. They tell each other almost everything.

Meanwhile, Lincoln can't believe that he's the one who actually has to read other people's email. This certainly wasn't what he expected when he applied to be the paper's Internet security officer. Although the main part of his job is to crack down on people who use the office email inappropriately, he can't bring himself to turn in Beth and Jennifer. He also can't stop himself from enjoying their emails and feeling a personal connection with them, especially Beth.

By the time Lincoln realizes he's in love with Beth, he has no idea how he could possibly tell her. “Hi, I’ve been reading all about your personal life in your email” isn’t exactly the best pick-up line. He must decide if he has the courage to come clean to Beth about the emails and his feelings for her.

With snapping dialogue and irresistible charm, Rainbow Rowell transforms an ordinary IT guy into a lovable and endearing romantic hero and proves that falling in love never happens the way you plan it. --Publisher's description

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