Book Bingo: Biographies and Memoirs, and Science Fiction or Fantasy

Cover image of "Reading Lolita in Tehran" by Azar Nafisi

Are you participating in the Adult Summer Reading program? There are two weeks left, so there's still plenty of time to play. If you're not sure what you're going to read, or you're just looking for suggestions, we have them here! Below you'll find two shelves: Women's Memoirs and Magical Reads. Any titles on the Women's Memoirs shelf will work for the Biography or Memoir space, and if you're interested in other topics, there are additional recommendations here. The Magical Reads shelf has great suggestions for the Science Fiction or Fantasy space, but there are even more books that will fulfill that space here.  I hope you're enjoying your Summer Reading, and that these shelves will help you find something that sounds interesting and can complete one of your Bingo spaces. For more reading recommendations, check out the DMPL shelf section at, or stop in to any DMPL location for a bookmark or suggestions from staff. Happy Summer Reading!