The end of How I Met Your Mother

DVD cover of Season 1 of How I Met Your Mother

Spoiler alert: Do NOT read this blog post if you haven't watched the series finale of How I Met Your Mother.

Even if you're not a fan of the show, there's a good chance you heard about the finale of How I Met Your Mother on Monday night. Fans have expressed a lot of emotions about the show's end, from elation to outrage. Thousands of fans took to Twitter to express their feelings -- this story from Yahoo! TV reported that "272,000 Twitter users sent 624,000 tweets about the finale, with those tweets generating nearly 70 million impressions across the night." Pretty impressive for one hour of television.

The finale was packed full and included a wedding, a divorce, multiple babies and a death. Barney and Robin, who were finally married in the previous week's episode, were divorced by the second commercial break (maybe even the first!). Lily and Marshall had baby #3 (although we never learned the gender of said baby), and Barney found the love of his life -- a daughter named Ellie. And, of course, we met The Mother. Ted met and fell in love with Tracy McConnell, and they had two children and got married. Cue happily ever after, right?! Unfortunately, no. Sadly, Tracy contracted an illness (again, we don't know what) and died. That's right, everyone, on a show called How I Met Your Mother, they killed The Mother.

Finally, at the end of Ted's story to his children, the story we've all been hearing for the past nine years, the kids called Ted out. Basically, they tell him they know this whole story isn't about their mom, it's about Robin and making sure they're OK if Ted and Robin get together. "It's so obvious," the kids say and then give Ted their blessing to pursue Robin. Ted tries (barely) to refute them, but in the final grand gesture of the show, Ted shows up on Robin's door step. Robin looks out the window to find him there with the blue French horn from the series' pilot. The End.

Now, as I mentioned before, there were some pretty strong feelings from longtime fans of the show. Some loved it. Many hated it. It was the talk of Twitter, and, three days later, people are still buzzing about it. A disappointed (and dedicated) fan made his own ending, which you can find here. There's also a defense from the Los Angeles Times of why fans should appreciate the ending , a reaction to the finale using the 5 stages of grief from Entertainment Weekly, and a list of 13 questions most fans probably still have about the series from TVLine. There’s also a petition circulating around that asks for the finale to be rewritten and refilmed. Talk about passionate fans!

So tell me, HIMYM fans, what did you think? Did you love or hate the finale? What were your favorite and least favorite moments? What questions did you have that didn't get resolved? I want to know! And, if you're feeling nostalgic (or if you read this post even though you've never seen the show), come to one of the Des Moines Public Library's six locations to check out the first eight seasons of the series. And, if you’re really into the show, you’ll appreciate that we also have Barney Stinson’s book, The Bro Code, available in print and audiobook. Enjoy!