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"Serena" by Ron Rash

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Book: Serena

Author: Ron Rash

Recommended by East Side Clerk Luann

This book was recommended to me by my daughter, which was a fun switch because I usually give her suggestions! 

Serena arrives on the scene in North Carolina with her new husband, George Pemberton, who has already established himself in the lumber trade business, during the Great Depression. George and his company are corrupt, and Serena soon becomes part of the corruption.

The government wants the Pemberton's land for preservation and the creation of a National Park. Serena and George, along with their greed for wealth, go forth with much determination to stop this from happening.

Serena is a page turner, and, at times gruesome, yet thrilling to see what comes next. A movie based on the book came out last year and has recently been released on DVD.

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