It's New Car Season!

For people of a certain age and a certain inclination, a highly anticipated event in September was always the Unveiling of the New Cars. On particular days during that month, each carmaker would roll out their offerings for the new model year. Let’s take the afternoon off and go for a leisurely stroll down Locust Street on Thursday, September 22, 1939, (it’s a beautiful 79 degrees) to see what’s for sale in the showrooms. Starting at 1506 Locust, Longwell Motors is showing the latest Cadillacs, La Salles and Oldsmobiles. The 1940 Dodges and Plymouths are on display at Sanders Motor Company (now the West End Lofts building). We could look at the stylish Hudsons and Packards at Hudson-Jones Automobile Company, 1408 Locust (now Microsoft and Lessing-Flynn). For a 1940 Nash ($795 and up) we’ll stop at Means Nash Sales Company at 1421 Locust. A little farther down the street at Manbeck Motor Sales (currently the Americana Restaurant) we can find the latest Chryslers and Plymouths. Chambers Motor Company at 1215 Locust has the new Fords, Mercurys and Lincoln-Zephyrs.  A De Soto can be purchased for around $900 over at Brady Motors, 1210 Locust. For a little more economical transportation ($695 and up), let’s check out the 1940 Chevrolets at Paul Manning Inc, 1113 Locust. Across the street we can inspect the new Studebakers at Union Motor Sales. Longing for a Pontiac Torpedo? Then Schooler Motor Company at 1021 Locust (next door to what is now the Temple for the Performing Arts) is your dealer. Time for a break. Let’s duck into Philleo’s Maid-Rite, 1000 Locust, for a bite to eat.