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From Madonna to Rihanna: The Rise of Females in Music


I like lists. I like to read lists and make lists. I like all kinds of lists – well, except perhaps for “honey do” lists, I’m not quite so fond of those. In general, though, show me a list and I feel compelled to read it. One of the best list makers ever is Billboard, the music business magazine that compiles charts for various genres in numerous international locales. Billboard has been publishing music charts since the 1930s (its corporate history actually dates to the 1890s) and has long been recognized as the definitive source for data on the popularity of singles and albums.

Do You "Doo Wop"? I Do (Wop)

Earlier this month, Iowa Public Television showed the special Rock, Pop and Doo Wop as part of their “Festival” fundraising programming. Judging from the frequency of such shows featuring doo wop during their crucial funding drives, I can’t help but conclude that these shows are popular, at least among those who might be willing to open up their pocketbooks. For younger viewers and younger music fans, in general, the term doo wop may not hold a lot of meaning.

The Unusual Success of Three Dog Night

On the way back from Kansas City recently, I heard “Joy to the World” playing on the radio. That is, the one that starts with the lyric “Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was a good friend of mine,” not the ever-popular Christmas song, which features no bullfrog by the name of Jeremiah, or otherwise. Three Dog Night made that song the biggest selling single of 1971, charting six weeks at number one, according to Billboard. “Joy to the World” was the most golden success in Three Dog Night’s run of. . . well, golden successes.


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