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Do You "Doo Wop"? I Do (Wop)

Earlier this month, Iowa Public Television showed the special Rock, Pop and Doo Wop as part of their “Festival” fundraising programming. Judging from the frequency of such shows featuring doo wop during their crucial funding drives, I can’t help but conclude that these shows are popular, at least among those who might be willing to open up their pocketbooks. For younger viewers and younger music fans, in general, the term doo wop may not hold a lot of meaning.

Historic Tour #1 - Des Moines Public Library

Today we will begin the historic tour of Des Moines.  This tour was written several years ago and we currently have a version online found here.  Each post, we will provide an expanded version of this tour with more images and a little more description.  They will by no means be comprehensive, but instead, just little insights into our downtown history.  Let's begin!

It's a Holiday, by George!

Although a few states officially celebrate Presidents Day, believe it or not, there is no such federal holiday, despite retailers grabbing and running with the idea. There is, however, a federal Washington the Warriorholiday (with several states joining in, too) designated to honor George Washington's birth.


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