Diverse Reads

    • Anatomy of a Miracle
      Jonathan Miles

      Confined to a wheelchair after a paralyzing injury, an Afghanistan War veteran endures a hardscrabble existence in his sister's ramshackle Mississippi home before spontaneously regaining his ability to walk, an apparent miracle that subjects him to scientific and religious debates and exposes his most private secrets.

    • Ayiti
      Roxane Gay

      Clever and haunting by turns, Ayiti explores the Haitian diaspora experience. Wise, fanciful, and daring, Ayiti is the book that put Roxane Gay on the map and now, with two previously uncollected stories, confirms her singular vision.

    • Best Boy
      Eli Gottlieb

      A fast-paced and moving story about Todd Aaron, a fifty-something man with autism, who has lived at Payton Living Center since he was a boy, and suddenly begins to wonder what life might be like outside the institution.

    • Etta and Otto and Russell and James
      Emma Hooper

      82-year-old Etta has never seen the ocean. Early one morning she takes a rifle, some chocolate, and her best boots, and begins walking the 3,232 kilometres from rural Saskatchewan to Halifax. Her husband wakes to a note left on the kitchen table; his oldest friend, who has loved Etta from afar for 60 years, insists on finding her, wherever she's gone.

    • Friday Black
      Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah

      A raw debut story collection from a young writer with an explosive voice; a treacherously surreal, and, at times, heartbreakingly satirical look at what it’s like to be young and black in America.

    • Golden Child
      Claire Adam

      Working exhausting hours in their rural Trinidad home, the family of a petroleum plant worker is shattered by the disappearance of a troubled twin son whose fate forces his father to make a devastating choice.

    • A House for Happy Mothers
      Amulya Malladi

      In Silicon Valley, Priya has everything she needs, but the one thing she wants most is the child she's unable to have. In an Indian village, Asha doesn't have much. She and her husband can barely keep a roof over their heads. Asha checks into the Happy Mothers House: a baby farm where she can rent her only asset to a childless couple overseas. Together, the two women discover the best and the worst of India's rising surrogacy industry, bridging continents and cultures to bring a new life into the world and renewed hope to each other.

    • In the Midst of Winter
      Isabel Allende

      A minor traffic accident becomes a catalyst for an unexpected bond among a human rights scholar, his Chilean lecturer tenant and an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala, who explore firsthand the difficulties of immigrants and refugees in today's world.

    • The Map of Salt and Stars
      Jennifer Zeynab Joukhadar

      This rich, moving, and lyrical novel is the story of two girls living eight hundred years apart—a modern-day Syrian refugee seeking safety and a medieval adventurer apprenticed to a legendary mapmaker—places today’s headlines in the sweep of history, where the pain of exile and the triumph of courage echo again and again.

    • Swing Time
      Zadie Smith

      Two girls dream of being dancers--but only one has talent. The other has ideas: about rhythm and time, about black bodies and black music, what constitutes a tribe, or makes a person truly free.

    • The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane
      Lisa See

      Li-yan is a daughter of Chinese tea farmers. When she has a daughter out of wedlock, she leaves the baby in an orphanage, but never forgets her daughter. A moving story of the strong bond between mothers and daughters.

    • There There
      Tommy Orange

      As we learn the reasons that each person is attending the Big Oakland Powwow momentum builds toward a shocking yet inevitable conclusion that changes everything. This large cast of interwoven characters depicts the experience of Native Americans living in urban settings. A wondrous and shattering portrait of an America few of us have ever seen.