After-School Program

Batty About Bats

Halloween is right around the corner – what do you know about these curious winged creatures? Come to the North Side Library to learn about the myths surrounding the bat, an animal people love to hate. A Polk County Conservation Naturalist will teach us the truth about this fascinating animal. You’ll learn about the incredible things bats are capable of and how they make life better for humans. Before the end of the night, you’ll be going batty for bats!

Paper Circuit Skulls

Oct 18
Wednesday 2:00 pm
Teens and tweens: add some flash (literally) to a Day of the Dead skull design by making a battery-powered paper circuit that lights up an LED. Paper circuits are a popular, hands-on way to get creative while you explore the basics of electricity and how circuits function.

For ages 9-18. Groups of five or more are requested to e-mail a day or more before the event.


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