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Arts & Communication with ISU Extension: Journals

Arts and Communication:
Express yourself!
Improve your communication skills by learning how to express yourself with the arts! Youth will discuss the benefits of journaling and explore how journaling can play a role in their lives. Youth will then get the opportunity to construct and design their own personal journals.

Preregistration is recommended, but not required, for the ISU Extension events. You may do so at dmpl.org or by calling 283-4152 ext. 3.

Mini Mosaic Making with Local Artist Nicole James

Jul 28
Saturday 2:00 pm
Create a colorful piece of art with the help of an expert! Make a mini mosaic at the South Side Library under the instruction of local artist Nicole James. James has both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Masters in Teaching from Drake University, making her a great instructor at this free program. This workshop is for adults only and registration is required. Registration begins June 25. You can sign up at dmpl.org or by calling 283-4152 ext. 3.

Amazing Reptiles with Polk County Conservation

Are lizards slimy? What kind of snakes reside in Iowa? Do salamanders use their noses to smell? Learn the facts and myths about reptiles during this program about our scaly neighbors in the wild. Learn about their adaptations, their diet, how they smell, see, and move, and much more. You may even get a chance to meet a real reptile! Learn the truth about the critters that people love to hate.

Blank Park Zoo Presents: Animal Sounds and Stories

The hooting of an owl while on a night hike. The howl of a coyote in the woods. A stray cat’s meow. All these sounds tell a story - if you’re listening right! Our friends from the Blank Park Zoo are bringing zoo critters to the East Side Library as they talk about the way that animals communicate. You can learn a lot through the sounds and movements animals make. Learn something new and meet some interesting animals during this interactive program!

Chess Basics: Making Beginners Better

Learn about strategies that will help you become the master of your chess domain! DMACC professor Andy Langager will help novice chess players improve their game. Langager is the faculty adviser of the DMACC Chess Club. He’ll talk about the fundamentals of chess openings, the best ways to control the mid-game, and how to keep your opponent on their toes. It’s the perfect chance to learn more about the game before the 2018 World Chess Championship, which will feature an American for the first time in 46 years!

Science Center of Iowa: Global Soundscapes

Sound is all around us – literally. Everything you hear is a result of tiny vibrations rocketing through the air, and the way you hear the world can change the way you look at it. Our friends from the Science Center of Iowa are coming to tell us all about sound and nature! A team of soundscape ecologists will show us what vibrations look like in slow-motion, how animals use sound to survive, and what sounds tell us about the health of our planet. Join us at this family program and hear the Earth in a whole new way!

Polk County Conservation Presents River Animals

With the Raccoon and Des Moines Rivers cutting though the heart of the city, Des Moines is no stranger to river critters. Our friends from Polk County Conservation will be at the North Side Library to tell us more about the animals that call the river home. We’ll learn about how they build their shelters, the food they devour, and why healthy rivers and clean water is so important, not just for these creatures, but for us as well!

Poop, Paws, and Prints

Jul 13
Friday 1:00 pm

It’s a special storytime and program with local author Lisa Morlock! She’ll read her book Track that Scat for us; next, we’ll learn about woodland animals through their footprints, their food, and the droppings they leave behind. There will be tons of activities at this great program, so don’t miss out

Outdoor Science Lab: Float Your Boat Challenge

Find out what it’ll take to float your boat! It’s an engineering challenge at the East Side Library. We’ll be creating boats at the Nature Nook outside, testing how many pennies our concoctions can hold before sinking. There will be prizes for the boats that can withstand the most weight! In the case of inclement weather, this event will be held indoors.


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