Homebound Delivery

The Des Moines Public Library, through the use of volunteers, offers home delivery of library materials to library patrons who are unable to visit the library facilities due to a long-term physical disability or illness. Any resident of Des Moines who is homebound due to physical disability or illness is eligible.

How Homebound Works

Homebound is a free service, relying on volunteers to do the delivery and pickup and library staff to select materials. Books in large print, books in regular size print, books on compact disc, music CDs and magazines are available for homebound service. 

Items are checked out for one month, and no fines are assessed. Patrons must be Des Moines residents. DVDs are not eligible for Homebound delivery, as they involve a fee and shorter checkout period.

Once a patron is signed up for Homebound service, they contact the library when materials are needed. This is usually on a monthly basis. A librarian will select the materials or obtain the requested materials and contact the volunteer. The volunteer will then contact the homebound patron to arrange a pickup/delivery time. In some cases, a family member or friend may do the selection of materials and transport them to the homebound patron. In all cases, the homebound library card remains at the library.

Contact the Des Moines Public Library branch nearest your home and ask to speak to the a staff member.