South Side Library construction update

Road construction work near South Side Library has closed Porter Avenue between Southwest 12th and Southwest 14th Streets for the next few days. However, the South Side Library remains open during this work! Please enter from Southwest Ninth Street and Porter Avenue.

Learning Activity Suggestions

Summer Reading 2021

Readers 0-11

  • Attend a virtual/outdoor DMPL program
  • Play a learning game or do a puzzle
  • Write a story or poem and draw pictures to go with it
  • Read or listen to a book outside
  • Go for a walk and talk about what you see
  • Build your own reading fort or book den
  • Create a self-portrait
  • Tell someone about your favorite book or story
  • Explore things in your house using all your senses
  • Help cook something new from a cookbook
  • Pretend to be your favorite character from a book
  • Decorate outside with sidewalk chalk
  • Play “I Spy”
  • Color or draw a picture of your favorite book or book character
  • Explore a local park

Readers 12-18

  • Create a music playlist for a book
  • Cook a recipe from a library book
  • Design a book cover
  • Try a science experiment from a book
  • Post a book review on the DMPL Teens Goodreads page
  • Attend a virtual or outdoor teen library program
  • Write about where and when you would go if you could time travel
  • Write a diary entry for a book character
  • Create a comic using some of your favorite characters
  • Read to a younger family member
  • Check out a book from a genre you don't normally read
  • Create a piece of art based on a book
  • Try geocaching
  • Play your favorite game from elementary school
  • Take a walk and imagine how your favorite book character would interact with your surroundings