East Side Library

Dino Dig Storytime

Listen to some dinosaur stories, songs and more as we try and guess why kind of dinosaur tracks have been left at East Side Library! Pick up a shovel and a brush and join us as we unearth prehistoric fossils! We’ll create our own fossils and find hidden objects as we dig through dirt! Be ready to get a little dirty. This program encourages sensory play as kids sort through different textures, patterns, and colors!

Zombie Makers

Have you ever wanted to turn a stuffed animal, toy or doll into a wild work of art? Join us for our fourth annual
Zombie program. We will be turning Barbie dolls, toys, and stuffed animals into your own Frankenstein creations using a variety of
materials! During the last 10 minutes, we will vote on these for prizes! Feel free to wear a costume!

Bilingual Storytime: Mini Makers with the DSM Art Center

Acompañe a un instructor del Centro de Arte de Des Moines en una clase donde exploramos las obras de arte de Frida Kahlo, y creas tu propio arte. Este programa es limitado para 20 participantes-- registrese abajo!
Join an instructor from the Des Moines Art Center in a class where we explore the work of Frida Kahlo and create our own art. This program is limited to 20 participants - sign up below:


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