Forest Avenue Library

Fake News

Calling news stories “fake” used to be among the most serious accusations you could make. Now, it seems to be shorthand for anything someone disagrees with. How did this phenomenon occur? Drake University communications professor Jennifer Glover Konfrst will talk about “fake news” and how it’s impacting the way the public processes news.

Comics Creators

Love Raina Telgemeier, superheroes, manga, graphic novels, and cartoons? Ready to let your artist flag fly? Then come to Comics Creators! We'll provide the paper and pens, you provide the creativity! This is an unsupervised, drop-in program. Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by a caregiver over 12 years old. For grades 4-12.

CANCELLED - Level Up Your Life Skills with EFR

Are you ready to unlock all your Life Skills? Come to Forest Avenue Library after school, where a Life Skills Master from Employee and Family Resources will provide games, activities, and challenges so you can learn to live your best life and conquer any obstacles that stand in your way! Learn about health and nutrition, organization, manners, and more. Take part in any or all the weekly challenges!


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