Forest Avenue Library

Conversations & Coffee

Dec 18
Tuesday 12:30 pm
Do you want to practice your English skills? Looking to meet new people in your community? Join community members and English language learners alike at Forest Avenue Library and enjoy light refreshments and sparkling conversation! Activities are provided to prompt and encourage conversation. This program is open to all English speaking skill levels. For additional information please contact Dana Smith at

Forest Flicks - Kids: The NeverEnding Story

Feb 16
Saturday 2:00 pm
When ten year old Bastian runs into a bookstore to escape school bullies he discovers The NeverEnding Story; an epic tale chronicling the trials of Atreyu as he battles against “The Nothing,” an unstoppable force destroying everything in its path. But when the lines between reality and fantasy blur, Bastian discovers another hero of the story. Who is the real hero? Come to Forest Avenue Library and find out in this classic 1984 film! Rated PG.


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