South Side Library

Estate and Will Planning with F3E

Feb 25
Monday 2:30 pm
Learn the three parts of a will and who needs one. Discover what “probate” means and can it be avoided. What is the real power of a trust and are there tax benefits? Learn the meaning of “tax-free inheritance” and “lifetime giving exclusions” and how to incorporate them into your estate plan. Discuss strategies that will assist you in minimizing your death/estate taxes, while maximizing your assets.

Gardening with the Senses: A Master Gardener on Blindness and Maximizing Design

Feb 20
Wednesday 6:00 pm
Learn about garden planning and design from Polk County Master Gardener, Roger Erpeling who is also blind. Yes, learn from this long-time gardener about using his other senses, tools for sight impaired, and knowledge about home horticulture on how to improve your landscape design or plan a vegetable garden!


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