South Side Library

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention

Jul 23
Monday 10:30 am
Join us at the South Side Library for a Tai Chi class. This class will specialize in arthritis and falls prevention, and can be done standing or seated. The program is beginner friendly and requires no experience with Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is a holistic form of exercise that promotes flowing movements and mind/body harmony. Tai Chi is sometimes called a "moving meditation"; as participants concentrate on doing the movements they often forget about their normal, every day concerns. Tai Chi is a slower paced, non-contact martial arts movement.

Women of Fort Des Moines Making History: An Author Visit with Cheryl Mullenbach

Sep 26
Wednesday 6:00 pm
“What color is your underwear?” In 1942 the first class of officers of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps trained on the south side of Des Moines at Fort Des Moines for six weeks, and local reporters seemed more interested in WAAC underclothes than the qualifications of the candidates. A handful were African American women who had come from all corners of the country eager to serve their nation in time of need. They had overcome barriers just to be included in the first class, and they continued to face obstacles during their basic training.


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