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The Des Moines Public Library has many great electronic and print resources to help with financial planning. Our resources cover everything from getting started in the stock market to planning household budgets.

Below you'll find a list of available resources to get you started. We have e-books, print books, e-magazines, print magazines, and subjects to explore in our online catalog.

  • NeuroInvesting [e-book]
    Wai-Yee Chen
    This guide presents four elements that affect investor decision-making and reveals how investors can rewire their brains to make better investing decisions for better returns.
  • Do More, Spend Less [e-book]
    Brad Wilson
    Provides financial tips, advice, real-world examples, and strategies to save consumers money and allow them to compete in today's consumer world.
  • Investing in the Modern Age [e-book]
    Rachel E. S. Ziemba and William T. Ziemba
    This book discusses many key topics in investment and risk management, the global economic situation and the shift in global investment strategies. It was largely written during the period of 2007-12, one of the most tumultuous times in global financial markets which called into question not only tenets of economic forecasting and also asset allocation and return strategies.
  • Investing in Your 20s & 30s For Dummies [e-book]
    Eric Tyson
    This book provides the targeted investment advice needed to establish a unique investment style. Covers everything from evaluating assets and managing risk to demystifying what the phrase "diversifying your portfolio" really means.
  • Opportunities in Emerging Markets [e-book]
    Gordian Gaeta
    This book offers practical advice for investors based on the real life experiences of practitioners, pioneer investors, and local heroes with experience in frontier markets.
  • The Resilient Investor
    Hal Brill
    The way you spend your time, your energy, and your purchasing dollars are investments just as much as any brokerage account is, and they deserve the same kind of attention. The Resilient Investor shows you how to expand the concept of investing beyond stocks and bonds, wake up from dangerous old investing patterns, open your eyes to new opportunities, and build a better world.
  • The Economist Guide to Investment Strategy
    Peter Stanyer
    Supported by numerous charts and detailed analysis, The Economist Guide to Investment Strategy outlines how to construct investment strategies appropriate for individual investors.

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