Preschool Reads

    • Animalphabet
      Julia Donaldson

      Enjoy a wondrous and beautiful A-to-Z guessing game from the bestselling author of Room on the Broom.

    • The Book about Nothing
      Mike Bender

      This book has nothing to do with rainbows, rocket ships, meatballs, or wizards. Instead, it's full of zip, zilch, diddly-squat, bupkus. But don't worry, reading this book isn't all for nothing, because sometimes nothing is actually something.

    • Crunch, the shy dinosaur
      Cirocco Dunlap

      Crunch is a charming, giggly read-aloud that illustrates the particular art of making a friend through interactive text!

    • Giraffe Problems
      John Jory

      Can you guess what's making this giraffe self-conscious? Could it be his enormous neck? Yes, it's exactly that--how on earth did you figure it out?

    • Henry and the Yeti
      Russell Ayto

      This energetic, laugh-out-loud picture book is about one boy's quest to find a yeti and prove what he has seen.

    • Lucy and the String
      Vanessa Roeder

      A sweet and silly tale of unexpected friendship between a girl and the bear she finds at the end of a string.

    • Mary Mcscary
      R.L. Stine

      Mary delights in scaring everyone but can't frighten her cousin Harry, so she pulls out all the stops when he comes to visit.

    • Shh!  We Have a Plan
      Chris Haughton

      A funny, strikingly illustrated story of best-laid plans and the secret to attracting the birdie.

    • Stegothesauarus
      Bridget Heos

      Stegothesaurus has always been a little different from his brothers--he just loves words too much! But it gets a little lonely being so smart. What's a word-loving dinosaur to do?

    • The Wall in the Middle of the Book
      Jon Agee

      A foolish knight is certain that his side of the wall is the safe side in this clever, amusingly meta picture book by the acclaimed creator of It's Only Stanley

    • There's a Dragon in Your Book
      Tom Fletcher

      First, there's an egg in your book. Then the cutest baby dragon you've ever seen hatches from it. But don't tickle its nose, and whatever you do, don't let it sneeze! Children will be delighted to participate in this satisfying interactive tale.

    • What's Next Door?
      Nicola O'Byrne

      Crocodile wants to find his way home, but he can't get there by himself. He needs the reader to guide him door-to-door on his journey in this interactive story.