Just Beginning to Read

    • Dinosaurs Dance
      Larry Dane Brimner

      Though other animals may twirl and prance, there is nothing like a dinosaur dance.

    • The Shy Little Kitten
      Kristen Depken

      When a mother cat leads her kittens into the barnyard sunshine, one kitten lingers behind and embarks on an adventure, meeting a variety of animals along the way.

    • Go, Huckle, go!
      Erica Farber

      Lowly, Huckle, and their friends compete in a car race.

    • Dixie and the Good Deeds
      Grace Gilman

      Participating in a class assignment to volunteer around her community, Emma enthusiastically commits to too many activities and receives exuberant help from her pooch pal.

    • Ducks Go Vroom
      Jane Kohuth

      Relates three silly ducks' rather impolite visit to their Auntie Goose's house, introducing simple action and noise words.

    • A Green, Green Garden
      Mercer Mayer

      Little Critter and his family work on growing a garden, and after planting seeds, watering each seedling, and waiting for the plants to grow, they have a green garden with lots of vegetables.

    • Just a Little Sick
      Mercer Mayer

      Little Critter is excited about his day off from school. He's just a little sick, so he plans a day of play and fun. But from visiting the doctor to not seeing his friends, staying home from school is not what Little Critter expected.

    • Mac and Cheese (series)
      Sarah Weeks

      Two cats that are as different as night and day are nevertheless best friends.