Dear Old Dad

    • Mitchell's License
      Hallie Durand

      Mitchell never wants to go to bed until, at the age of three years, nine months, and five days he gets his license so that he can drive there--at least until he and the car have a disagreement about what fuel goes in the tank.

    • Pink Me Up
      Charise Mericle Harper

      When Mama is too sick to go to the Pink Girls Pink-nic with Violet, Daddy offers to take her place but, first, he needs to "pink-up" his clothes.

    • Shopping with Dad
      Matt Harvey

      A little girl and her father have a wonderful time in the grocery store until she nearly knocks over a display, then while trying her best to be good she lets out a big sneeze that results in chaos.

    • Lottie Parish Lives Here
      Angela Johnson

      Relates a day in the life of a little girl who lives with her Papa Pete in a house across from a park.

    • Zip It!
      Jane Lindaman

      Joe tries to warn his busy father about an embarrassing trousers oversight.

    • Crow Call
      Lois Lowry

      Nine-year-old Liz accompanies the stranger who is her father, just returned from the war, when he goes hunting for crows in Pennsylvania farmland.

    • Faster! Faster!
      Lislie Patricelli

      A father and daughter spend a day at the park where daddy becomes an array of fast moving animals on which his daughter rides, from a dog and a rabbit to a horse and a cheetah.

    • How to Babysit Grandpa
      Jean Reagan

      A little boy provides instructions for properly babysitting one's grandfather, such as offering him tasty treats and entertaining him with special games.

    • Oh, Daddy!
      Bob Shea

      A young hippopotamus shows his father the right way to do things, such as getting dressed, watering the flowers, and especially giving big hugs.

    • A Beach Tail
      Karen Lynn Williams

      When his father tells him not to leave the lion he is drawing on the beach, a little boy starts making a very, very long tail--and a trail to follow back.