Mom & Me

    • Max and the Dumb Flower Picture
      Martha Alexander

      Despite his teacher's entreaties that it would be perfect for Mother's Day, Max refuses to color in the same flower picture as the rest of the class.

    • Are you Awake?
      Sophie Blackall

      Persistent young Edward has many questions for his sleepy mother, many of which are answered, "Because it's night time.".

    • Chocolate Me!
      Taye Diggs

      Relates the experiences of a dark-skinned, curly-haired child who wishes he could look more like the lighter-skinned children in his community until his mother helps him realize how wonderful he is inside and out.

    • No Hugs Till Saturday
      Julie Downing

      When Felix declares that there will be no hugs, snuggles, or super squeezes for a whole week, both he and his mama have a hard time.

    • My Mom is a Firefighter
      Lois G. Grambling

      Billy spends time with his "second family" at the Floral Avenue firehouse where his mother works, and dreams of growing up to be a firefighter just like her.

    • Little Rabbit and the Meanest Mother on Earth
      Kate Klise

      Upset that his mother will not let him go out until he cleans his playroom, Little Rabbit sneaks away to join the circus and sells tickets by promising the audience a view of The MeanestMother on Earth.

    • Please, Baby, Please
      Spike Lee

      A toddler's antics keep his mother busy as she tries to feed him, watch him on the playground, give him a bath, and put him to bed.

    • What! Cried Granny
      Kate Lum

      When her grandson Patrick arrives for his first sleepover, Granny's resourceful efforts to provide him with a bed, pillow, and other necessities result in a sleepless night for both of them.

    • Bed Time for Mommy
      Amy Krouse Rosenthal

      In a reversal of the classic bedtime story, a child helps her mommy get ready for bed, enduring pleas for one more book, five more minutes of play time, and a glass of water before the lights go out.

    • My Dadima Wears a Sari
      Kashmira Sheth

      Two young sisters raised in America learn about the beauty and art of wearing a sari from their wise Indian grandmother.

    • Pouch!
      David Ezra Stein

      A baby kangaroo takes his first tentative hops outside of his mama's pouch, meeting other creatures and growing bolder each time.