Great Books for Playing

    • Can You Make a Scary Face?
      Jan Thomas

      What kind of a face would you make if a tickly green bug were sitting on your nose? Or if it were--eek!--inside your shirt? Could you make a scary face to frighten it away?

    • Clip Clop
      Nicola Smee

      Every child adores getting twirled and tossed by Mommy and Daddy. Again! Again , they squeal. One after the other, a group of barnyard friends climb aboard Mr. Horse for a ride. Faster, they beg...faster! But will "faster" lead to disaster?

    • A Good Day for Hat
      T. Nat Fuller

      Mr. Brown loves hats and can't leave the house without wearing just the right one. But on this day, every time he opens the door to leave, the situation changes, and Mr. Brown must change his hat accordingly.

    • Everybunny Dance
      Ellie Sandall

      Bunnies dance, play, sing, and make a new friend in this delightful picture book from the author of Follow Me!

    • If You’re Hoppy
      April Pulley Sayre

      Are you feeling hoppy like a rabbit,a kangaroo, or a frog?

    • Monkey and Me
      Emily Gravett

      A little girl and her toy monkey love imitating different animals, everything from jumping like kangaroos to waddling like penguins!

    • Press Here
      Herve Tullet

      Press the yellow dot on the cover of this book, follow the instructions within, and embark upon a magical journey! Each page of this surprising book instructs the reader to press the dots, shake the pages, tilt the book, and who knows what will happen next!

    • Shake the Tree
      Chiara Vignocchi

      There's a whole lot of shaking going on -- and a funny final twist -- as a series of hungry animals seek shelter in an obliging tree.

    • Splat
      Jon Burgerman

      See what happens when flipping the page of this gleeful picture book gets you a pie in the face, followed by an insect sandwich. Splat!

    • Spunky Little Monkey
      Bill Martin

      Sleepy little monkeys everywhere will clap, stomp, shake, and cheer -- while chanting this rhythmic, energetic dance song based on a popular playground game.

    • Stuck
      Oliver Jeffers

      When Floyd's kite gets stuck in a tree, he's determined to get it out. But how? Well, by knocking it down with his shoe, of course. But strangely enough, it too gets stuck. And the only logical course of action . . . is to throw his other shoe.

    • What's Next Door
      Nicola O'Byrne

      All Crocodile wants to do is find his way home, but he can't get there by himself -- he needs your help! In this unique interactive book, children are encouraged to take part in the story and use their imaginations to guide him door-to-door on his journey.