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Playing is how children learn about themselves and the world. Through play, children develop their imagination and learn creativity. When children act out stories, they learn to communicate and engage with others.

Play also gives children a chance to practice new vocabulary. Their props can be great tools to see writing and print in a wide variety of places. For example: drivers use maps, chefs use recipes, and shoppers use lists. This kind of imaginative play allows children to see print all around them.

Tips for playing

  • Play “I Spy” in the car using descriptive words as clues.
  • Children love to play dress up for dramatic and pretend play.
  • Put on a puppet show and let kids practice using their words through the puppets.
  • Come to the Library to play at the many Literacy Stations there.
  • Play outside and go on a nature walk. Have your child describe what is seen.
  • Play with your food! Count cheerios or lace them onto uncooked spaghetti. Make colorful designs with chopped vegetables.

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