Reading with your child one of the most important activities you can do with them. Reading aloud to your child will help them be ready for school. Children who are read to are more likely to want to read themselves, allowing them to jump right into reading when they start school.

Reading starts with books. Picture book texts have a larger variety of words than a typical conversation. When you read books over-and-over again, you provide children with repeated exposure to those new words, helping build their vocabulary. Pointing out individual letters and the sounds they make helps children make the connection between letters and words.

Reading Suggestions!


  • Check out books for free at the Library
  • Talk about what the words mean
  • Ask questions about the story
  • Read words wherever you see them – on signs, clothing, cereal boxes, etc.
  • Identify letters and practice the sounds that go along with them
  • Read books over and over again
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