Children love singing! Singing is a fun way to use language and learn new words. Songs break down words into smaller parts, allowing children to hear different sounds. They also learn about syllables and rhyming while singing and listening to songs, because each syllable of a word is associated with a particular note.

Songs are great ways to introduce new vocabulary to children. Unique words are often used in order to make rhymes, so children hear more interesting words. Songs also help children learn the letters of the alphabet and how to count, and they’re also great memory boosters!

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Singing Activities

  • Sing songs everyday with your child – it’s a great way to improve their vocabulary.
  • Sing slowly to draw out the word sounds.
  • Dance while you sing with songs like “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” and “The Chicken Dance”.
  • Sing the ABC song to practice the alphabet.
  • Using tapping sticks while singing to tap out the word sounds.
  • Check out music for free at the library and try some international music.