When you talk with your child, you’re helping them learn about language. The more words children hear in conversation, the larger their vocabulary will be when they go to school. Hearing more words and phrases help children recognize new words when they see them for the first time in print.

Telling stories to children helps them develop listening skills. Letting children talk helps them learn to express themselves. Pointing out words in the world around you – on signs, buildings, labels, etc. – helps children recognize that words have meaning. In this way, they begin to connect words with ideas.

Reading Suggestions!


  • Read picture books and have your child tell you what’s happening in the story
  • Ask lots of questions and wait for them to answer
  • Let children talk through puppets, dolls and stuffed animals
  • Ask children to describe what they are seeing, doing or feeling
  • Play describing games like, “I Spy With My Little Eye”
  • Attend free storytimes at the Library